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Trans Ideology Tearing Families Apart: Brandon Showalter Interview

February 2, 2023   ●   38 min

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In today’s episode, Becket interviews Christian Post writer, Brandon Showalter, about the new documentary on trans ideology and how it tears families apart called, Dead Name.

Here is the description of the documentary: Dead Name, the indie documentary, is not fiery or provocative or slick or political. Rather, it's an intimate portrait of three parents whose lives have been shaken and forever altered because their children have declared (or have been given) a transgender identity. In an hour-length film that weaves back and forth among mostly three stories, we learn how shocking it is for parents to hear that their children in their mid to late teens have seemingly out of nowhere decided to switch from female to male or from male to female. In another story, we follow one parent's nightmarish descent into the transgender world as her ex assigns a female gender to their very young son. In all these stories, we find parents struggling with disbelief, loneliness, helplessness, isolation and despair. Ultimately, each one's ultimate fear is the medicalized transition of their child -- though in one story, the path to medicalization may have proven to be fatal. Dead Name lets us in on the inner thoughts, the struggles, and the declarations to fight for children who feel lost to them. We have made Dead Name to open the conversation, humanize the subject from the perspective of parents, and give them a voice.

Dead Name Documentary:

Brandon's Article:

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