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Becket Cook

Amy Grant & Gay Weddings

January 12, 2023   ●   33 min

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In today’s episode, Becket looks at the story of Amy Grant hosting her niece’s lesbian wedding on her farm. Amy calls it love but what is love according to the Bible? Becket looks Franklin Graham’s response to her hosting this wedding as well as another Christian writer who wrote a piece on this. Becket also talks about the time he attended a gay wedding and how and why he regrets this decision. Finally, Becket discusses whether a Christian should go to a gay wedding or not.

The Becket Cook Show Ep. 105

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Today's Devotional

A Prayer for Invitation - Your Daily Prayer - March 28

Be on mission for God through relationships. Do not delay! Walk in obedience to the Lord and leave the outcomes up to Him!

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