Sparkle Speak

Sparkle Speak

Kathryn Calibeo

43: How to Trust God with your "Nineveh"

January 30, 2023   ●   26 min

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In this episode, we are joined by the former Director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Gina Sheets (2013). Gina is a born Hoosier, and maintains a small farm in Clinton County Indiana. Gina and her husband, Travis, are a part of the founding team of Hope in the Harvest Missions International, where they spent five years living and volunteering in Liberia, West Africa.

We talk about how Gina knew she felt called to serve in Liberia, the beginnings of Hope in the Harvest Missions International, and the devastation she encountered in Liberia during the Ebola outbreak. Gina reveals she often feels like Jonah being called to Nineveh. Through her story, we can all find hope (and advice) for how to navigate the seasons of life where we are being called to challenging experiences.

Gina gives her take on how to:
1. Know we are being called, and
2. What to do about it.

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