Sparkle Speak

Sparkle Speak

Kathryn Calibeo

40: How Can We Be a Part of Transforming Dark to Light?

December 26, 2022   ●   25 min

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This episode features and interview with former field hockey player and current Athletes in Action staff member, Lauren Bonness.

We discuss her transformation into someone who called herself a believer, to someone who really saw the beauty in surrendering her desires over to Jesus to let him be in control of her heart and thoughts.

She shares a powerful insight from Scripture, which highlights how we can transform the dark parts of our hearts. We discuss how much of that is choosing our words wisely in how we speak; we get to bless through our words or we can bring death. We also have the opportunities in life to join God in speaking light, seeing what's good, serparating it from the darkness, and naming it. Enjoy hearing from Lauren!

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