Questions with Caden

Questions with Caden

Caden Fabrizio

What Do I Do When My Christian Friends Aren't Acting like Christians?

August 16, 2023   ●   34 min

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Welcome to "Questions with Caden," hosted by Caden Fabrizio. In this episode titled "What do I do when my Christian friends aren't acting like Christians?" Caden delves into the complexities of navigating faith-based relationships.

Join us as we explore the challenges that arise when the behavior of our Christian friends doesn't align with the beliefs they profess. Through candid discussions and expert insights, Caden Fabrizio guides us on a journey to understanding, empathy, and practical solutions.

In a world where faith and friendship intersect, finding the right course of action can be tough. Caden shares personal stories, explores biblical teachings, and offers actionable advice on how to approach these situations with grace and patience. Whether you're seeking guidance or simply curious about maintaining strong connections with friends of varying beliefs, this episode provides valuable takeaways for everyone.

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