Moms Better Together

Moms Better Together

Lori Wildenberg and Heather Riggleman

Episode 7: Rise Up to Love Your Prodigal

December 29, 2020   ●   26 min

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In Episode 7, Lori and Heather discuss what to do when your child wanders off the expected path, even though he or she was parented in a way that honors the Lord. Samson succumbed to his own personal sin propensity even when he was raised by faith-filled parents. This heartbreaking scenario is one many moms and dads experience today. If you are the mom of a prodigal this podcast is for you. You will be equipped and encouraged with 3 practical ways to offer a way back to you and to God that is filled with grace and truth.  There is hope. And you are not alone. 

Resource for this podcast:
The Messy Life of Parenting: Powerful and Practical Ways to Strengthen Family Connections by Lori Wildenberg
Mama Needs a Time Out
The Messy Life of Parenting
Messy Journey: How Grace and Truth Offer the Prodigal a Way Home
Raising Little Kids with Big Love
Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love
Empowered Parents: Putting Faith First

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