Inside The Epicenter With Joel Rosenberg

Inside The Epicenter With Joel Rosenberg

Joel C. Rosenberg and Dr. Carl Moeller

Skip Heitzig Part 1 #103

May 9, 2023   ●   45 min

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In this episode of Inside the Epicenter with Joel Rosenberg, Dr. Carl Moeller and Joel sit with Skip Heitzig, the American founder and senior pastor of Calvary Church, a Calvary Chapel fellowship located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In this episode, they discuss why he loves Israel and what he thinks about Israel, the importance of sound theology, the Joshua Fund, and Joel.  Listen to this episode to find out!

(06:00) Skip loves Israel and her neighbors passionately
(10:37) The scripture constantly talks about Israel
(11:44) What is a Kibbutz
(23:18) Young people are unsure of their stand for Israel
(27:53) Some pulpits are silent over important issues

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