How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

Nicole Unice

Love Psalms: Psalm 1 - A Posture

February 08, 2021   ●   20 min

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If you’ve ever wanted to better understand the Book of Psalms, this series is for you! We are going to spend the next five episodes looking at the 5 types of major psalms in the Bible and how to properly read this poetic book.

We’re calling it Love Psalms, because sometimes love is full of praise, sometimes love has lament in it. Sometimes love is about when we feel close, and sometimes it’s our love is expressed in the anguish we feel in distance. The Psalms allow us the full emotional expression of human existence.

Every part of your emotional experience, every part of your life experience, is welcome in God’s presence. That’s the subscript of the whole book of Psalms.

In this episode, Nicole breaks down:

• What is the posture of the righteous? What do they do, and what don’t they do?
• How to spot imagery and parallelism (and what they matter)
• What it means that this is the first psalm in the entire book
• What you should expect when you live a righteous life?
• How to correctly interpret the idea of “prospering”

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