Hope for Women with Father Wounds

Hope for Women with Father Wounds

Kia Stephens

Finding Strength through the Holy Spirit (Faith Over Fear)

January 20, 2023   ●   26 min

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If you love listening to "Hope for Women with Father Wounds," we want to introduce you to another LifeAudio podcast we think you'll enjoy: "Faith Over Fear." If you like it and want to listen to more episodes, just search "Faith Over Fear" in your favorite podcast app, or click on any of the links below!

Scripture assures us that God does not want us to live enslaved to fear, weighed down by stress, and overpowered by personal weakness. Christ promised us joy, peace, and inexpressible freedom. He also promised to give us the power to experience each of those supernatural gifts.

In this special episode of Faith Over Fear, prolific speaker Max Lucado shares a time when, attempting to carry his ministry in his own strength, the burden became nearly crippling and how he found fresh hope and strength through the Holy Spirit.

To hear more episodes of Faith Over Fear, please check out the links below!

Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/faith-over-fear/id1500408829

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5GCj0NnLVrkEqeSraSxJYx

LifeAudio: https://www.lifeaudio.com/faith-over-fear

Kia will be back at her regularly scheduled time with a brand new episode of the show. Thanks for listening.

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