Gospel Rant

Gospel Rant

Dr. Bill Senyard

Giving is Not Enough???? (SOM 44)

November 13, 2022   ●   35 min

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Welcome to Gospel Rant. Dr. Bill is continuing on this eye-opening radical journey through the Sermon on the Mount (not a sermon or a mount). It is not a sermon or a lecture, it is a dialogue. Feel free to agree or disagree. It is a rant. In this Podcast we are in a new section of the sermon on the mount. Jesus is addressing the accepted three pillars of Judaism, almsgiving, prayer and fasting. He begins each section, “When you…” What is the accepted godly way to do acts of righteousness (i.e., almsgiving)? Do you mean that it is not enough to give to charity? There is more? Yes and no. Check it out.

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