Famous at Home

Famous at Home

Dr. Josh and Christi Straub

Recalibrating Your Family + Exciting Updates from FAH

October 27, 2022   ●   19 min

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Alright, friends! We have some exciting new updates for you about the podcast and Famous at Home. If you're a regular family member of the podcast, you'll want to hear these new updates. Also, do you know those moments when life feels fragmented? When it just feels like everyone is going in their own direction? How do you recalibrate as a family? What is it that reconnects your family at the heart level? In this episode, Josh talks about recalibrating your family and also shares what he and Christi and his family are doing to recalibrate right now.

Josh talks about:

* What to do when your family feels disconnected
* Resources and activities that have brought the Straub family together
* How parenting and spiritual growth are not mutually exclusive, but deeply interconnected

Show Notes:

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