Famous at Home

Famous at Home

Dr. Josh and Christi Straub

Behind the Scenes of Truly "Successful" Parenting with Helen Smallbone

September 15, 2022   ●   56 min

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What does it mean to be a "successful" parent? And what does it mean to raise "successful" kids? Though the world has one definition for this term, we talk to a mom (and grandma) this week who is on the other side of the trenches, having successfully raised her seven kids in every sense of the word.

Helen Smallbone is a co-founder of MUMlife Community and a podcast host with AccessMore, as well as a mom of Grammy Award-winning artists: Rebecca St. James and FOR KING + COUNTRY. In this episode, we talk with Helen about her new book Behind the Lights: The Extraordinary Adventure of a Mum and Her Family, and what her journey looked like behind the scenes of instilling faith in seven children.

We talk to her about:

* How to go deeper in conversations with your kids and find the "why" behind their actions
* Ways to prioritize self-care and solitude as a parent 
* Strategies Helen used to handle sibling rivalry in her home
* The weight of pointing our kids to Jesus
* The power of simply asking God for help

Watch this episode on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B3Z69otsno

Show Notes

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