Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey, Ava Pennington, Kimi Miller, Carol Ogle McCracken, Tami Writtrock and Kelly Campbell

When Obedience Feels Excruciating (Genesis 22)

April 4, 2023   ●   18 min

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At some point, we've probably all wrestled with the fear that God might ask us to do something that we not only don't want to do, but that will feel hard or painful. Maybe we're afraid, if we fully yield our lives to Him, He'll ask us to quit our jobs or move overseas. Or perhaps we fear He'll ask us to give up something we find deeply fulfilling. In those seasons, one question rises to the surface: Can we really trust that God wants us to live our best lives possible, has the power to bring that life about, and will faithfully guide us toward that? Ultimately, can we really believe He is good, even in this, whatever this is?  

(Scroll down for discussion/reflective questions.)

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Discussion/reflective questions questions:

  1. What resonated with you most in this episode?
  2. What surprised you most regarding God's request to Abraham?
  3. Had you been Abraham, what emotions might you have wrestled with?
  4. What type of thoughts might have played through your mind as you journeyed to the location God showed you?
  5. This event recorded in Scripture can help us gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for God the Father sending His Son to die for our sins. What does this account show you in relation to that? What might it reveal regarding God's heart toward you?
  6. Considering God's heart toward you, as revealed through Christ's death and resurrection (see Matthew 27-28 in the Bible), how might reflecting upon this illustration increase your peace the next time you feel afraid?
  7. This event recorded in Scripture also reveals God the Son's heart for us as well. The Bible tells us that He willingly chose to die for me and you. How can this knowledge help increase your peace the next time you feel afraid?
  8. How can remembering God's heart toward you increase your courage when you sense Him asking you to do something difficult or frightening?
  9. What is one action step He might be asking you to take based on what you heard in this episode?

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