Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey, Ava Pennington and Kimi Miller

The Courage to Speak Truth – Ep. 76

October 19, 2021   ●   31 min

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Our world has become increasingly angry, argumentative, and hostile to the gospel and biblical truth. Unfortunately, the church is, in part, to blame; we’ve become more known for what we’re against than for what we are for. But we mustn’t let the hateful misrepresentation of Christ silence our voice. People need the hope and power of Christ now more than ever. In this episode Jennifer Slattery and Ava Pennington discuss ways to increase our courage while simultaneously upping our truth and grace.

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Group Discussion Questions:

1. What encouraged you most during today’s episode?
2. What are some emotions you would have struggled with, had you been in Timothy’s position?
3. What emotions arise when you consider initiating spiritual conversations with others?
4. When do you find it most challenging to share your faith?
5. Why is it important to remind ourselves of our calling (whether that’s in a particular role or the general call to share Christ with others) during times of opposition?
6. What are some ways you can “fan” your gift “into flame”?
7. How can asking questions help reduce our listener’s defenses?
8. Why is it important to balance truth with clearly revealed grace?
9. Consider a time when someone came at you with grace-less truth. How did you respond and why?
10. Consider a time when someone spoke truth to you in a gentle and grace-filled way. How did you respond and why?
11. Why is it important to establish a relationship with someone before attempting to speak truth into their life?
12. What is one action step God might be wanting you to take this week?

Episode Image Credit: Getty/Ponomariova Maria
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