Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey and Shellie Arnold

The Courage to Fight for Others – Ep. 49

April 13, 2021   ●   16 min

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Scripture commands us to stand up for the oppressed and to fight for society's most vulnerable. God also wants us to actively advance His light against the world’s darkness.

In this episode, Jennifer Slattery takes a look at a time when evil threatened the line of David, the Messianic line of Christ (2 Chronicles 22-23). But one couple (Jehoiada and Jehosheba) summoned their courage, took a stance, and in so doing, saved an infant king who brought light to his people and helped preserve the line of Christ. May we all, like the courageous woman who surrendered seven long years of her life to protect and nurture this child, give our lives for those things of eternal value knowing when we engage and fight our battles God’s way, He fights on our behalf.

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Group Discussion Questions:

1. Who would you identify as society's most vulnerable?
2. In what ways might God be calling you to fight on their behalf?
3. What most challenges your obedience to do so?
4. In today’s episode, Jennifer talked about how Jehoiada “summoned his courage.” What are some ways you summon your courage?
5. In today’s episode, Jennifer talked about the importance of gathering others around us. Who might God be inviting to join you in your current battle?
6. How easy is it for you to seek and then wait on God’s timing in your current situation or when He calls you to something?
7. What are some ways you can become increasingly strategic in your battle plan?
8. Jennifer discussed the importance of remaining alert to God’s promises. What are some biblical promises you can draw strength and courage from?
9. What is one action step God is asking you to take this week in order to advance His light?

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