Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey, Ava Pennington and Kimi Miller

Embracing Risk When We Feel Ill-Equipped (with Sarah Hamaker) - Ep. 115

August 9, 2022   ●   27 min

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It takes great courage to embrace risk, especially when we feel ill-equipped or unprepared. But God never asks us to tackle hard or frightening circumstances alone. In fact, He encourages us not to, because our greatest strength, wisdom, and purest love are found not within ourselves but rather in Him.

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Group Discussion Questions:

1. What resonated with you most in today’s episode?
2. When has God asked you to step into a new, uncertain, or challenging role you felt ill-equipped for?
3. How did you respond?
4. What are some ways God has equipped you in the past for difficult situations?
5. Consider your convictions. How often or consistently is your agenda consistent with your convictions?
6. What are some truths regarding Christ that can help you courageously embrace God-assigned risks?
7. When accepting God-ordained risks, why is it important to remember that it was God who assigned the challenge?
8. When has your obedience led to spiritual conversations with someone who doesn’t know Christ?
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