Encouragement for You

Encouragement for You

Don Hawkins

Becoming "Free to Thrive” with Josh McDowell || “The Person Called You” with Bill Hendricks

October 5, 2022   ●   22 min

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Is it possible to become free from our painful pasts and truly thrive in life? Author and apologist Josh McDowell joins host Don Hawkins to tell us how to deal with our past hurts and longings and become “Free to Thrive.”

Then, If you are wondering what your next steps are, what your purpose is, or what God wants you to do with your life, join host Don Hawkins and Bill Hendricks, president of The Giftedness Center, as they discuss “The Person Called You.”
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A Prayer for Truth This Christmas - Your Daily Prayer - December 2

Nothing could ever take away the Truth of Christmas. Jesus is the Truth. He was born on earth as a gift to us. It’s the greatest love story of all time. Let’s pray to fully embrace Him this Christmas. 

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