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Coffee and Bible Time Podcast

Coffee and Bible Time Podcast

Ellen (Mentor Mama)

Season 4 Ep. 40 - How Inviting an Atheist to Church Can End in a Beautiful Christian Friendship w/ Guest Craig Cooper

October 14, 2022   ●   54 min

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Today we will be talking about “unlikely friendships and how God works in our everyday lives to show the love of Christ to others.” Our guest today, Craig Cooper is co-author of the book, “Glad You’re Here: Two Unlikely Friends Breaking Bread and Fences.” This book was written with his close friend and neighbor, singer/songwriter, Walker Hayes. Craig will be chatting with us today about one of the greatest gifts God can give, and that is the gift of friendship. More specifically, we will be hearing about the friendship between Craig and Walker, which is a friendship that seemed very unlikely to happen, and how it transpired into two friends that are as close as brothers.

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