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Christian Parent, Crazy World

Catherine Segars

What Every Parent Needs to Know about the Prodigal Child – Episode 26

March 21, 2022   ●   34 min

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What Every Parent Needs to Know about the Prodigal Child – Episode 26

*CONGRATULATIONS to CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD for being named the 2022 Best Kids and Family Podcast by Spark Media.*

Catherine brings some much-needed truth to our perspective on parenting in this episode of CPCW by discussing what is the parent’s responsibility, what is the child’s responsibility, and what is God’s responsibility. By addressing the four stages of a child’s development, Catherine delineates the proper role of the parent throughout your child’s life. And Catherine will share what is the greatest question you could ever ask your child.

The fact is, some kids are hardwired to do things the hard way. They are made to push the boundaries. By examining God’s response to the wandering child in Scripture, we can gain clarity, insight, direction, and hope as parents in our pursuit of godliness ourselves.


“What Every Parent Needs to Know about the Prodigal Child”

Christ-Centered Parenting by Russell Moore and Phillip Bethancourt:


The Prodigal Son: Luke 15

The Fall: Genesis 3


Episode 4: “Is Christianity Just a Religion of Do’s and Don’ts”:

Episode 12: “What To Do if Your Child Walks Away from the Faith”:

Episode 14: “How To Battle for Your Kids in Prayer”:

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