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Christian Parent, Crazy World

Catherine Segars

How Did We End Up With 50+ Genders and Drag Queen Story Hour? – Episode 25

March 03, 2022   ●   34 min

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Catherine continues in a series on truth by examining another way that the enemy is attacking the Christian faith and the next generation. In this episode, Catherine connects the dots between a prominent philosophical movement and the current state of gender and sexuality in our culture. The influence of nominalism has led not only to the denial of universal truth, but the denial of universals in reality. This denial is having a tremendous impact on society and our children, especially in the area of sexual identity and gender.

The Christian faith is not a nominalist doctrine. It is a faith that supports universal concepts in reality—universal truth being chief among them.

As parents, we need to teach our kids that Jesus is truth and truth is universal, and therefore there are universal truths all around us. There are trees and clouds and cats and dogs. There are boys and girls. These aren’t just names that we’ve forced onto things and people—they are truths that correspond to reality, the reality that God created.

Equally true is the fact that there is a God who loves us no matter what we believe or what we do. And because God loves us, He wants us to walk in the truth. Because when we don’t walk in the truth, we hurt ourselves and others.

We must teach our children what is true, and we must teach them to love like Jesus.

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