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Catherine Segars

How To Teach the Next Generation To Pray (with Erica Renaud) - Episode 56

February 27, 2023   ●   43 min

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There is no greater discipline that we can teach our children than the daily practice of prayer. Communing with our heavenly Father is the lifeblood of our faith.


But how do we teach our kids to pray?


Catherine wraps up this series on Gen Z by exploring that question.


Joining Catherine to discuss this vital topic is Erica Renaud, author of the brand new book Pray with Me: Help Your Children Engage in Authentic and Powerful Prayer. In addition to being a captivating speaker and writer, Erica is a mother five kids ages 18 to 6, and she is passionate about prayer.


Together, Catherine and Erica investigate what prayer is, why we pray, what prayer accomplishes, how to prepare for prayer, and how to respond when our prayers aren’t answered the way we hoped—all using terminology that your kids can understand. Their conversation is insightful, practical, encouraging, enlightening, and refreshing.


You don’t have to be an expert on prayer to teach your children how to pray... so breathe a sigh of relief, moms and dads! You just have to be willing to guide your kids on a journey to engage with God.


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2 Chronicles 2:9


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