Capitol Ministries Weekend with Ralph Drollinger

Capitol Ministries Weekend with Ralph Drollinger

Frank Sontag and Ralph Drollinger

God’s Word on Spanking [Proverbs]

October 31, 2023   ●   23 min

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This week I would like to investigate what God says about spanking a child. We will study what the book of Proverbs, as well as the whole of Scripture, teaches about this increasingly controversial subject.

It is important for public servants to know the mind of God on this matter, lest they legislate from naïveté, void of God’s wisdom in this regard.

Given the depraved nature of man, for the institution of the State to prohibit the institution of the family from carrying out its God ordained responsibility of disciplining a citizen in his or her youth, is to sow the seeds of cultural discord for tomorrow.

Ralph Drollinger


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