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  • Hope Now - Portland Rescue MissionHope Now - Portland Rescue Mission
    Because of you, lives change forever! More than 150 men, women and children are involved in our New Life recovery ministry each year.

    This video highlights just a few of the many men, women and children who've brought an end to their homelessne...
    pdxmission2011-01-10T14:03:07590 views00:03:49
  • Russel - Portland Rescue MissionRussel - Portland Rescue Mission
    "I hid under my blanket. My eyes were open the whole night."

    Russel's first night on the streets was frightening. No job. No place to live. He knew he was capable of much more.

    Thanks to friends like you, people like Russel have a way back t...
    pdxmission2011-01-10T13:33:08408 views00:02:56
  • Eddie - Portland Rescue MissionEddie - Portland Rescue Mission
    Eddie slept on a park bench. Cold. Afraid. And lonely. It was Eddie's addiction that put him in such a desperate situation. But he chose not to stay there. Thanks to friends like you, Eddie found a way back home -- through the Portland Rescue Miss...pdxmission2010-12-14T10:49:22376 views00:03:04
  • James - Portland Rescue MissionJames - Portland Rescue Mission
    A violent childhood left James shattered. He turned to drugs and alcohol just to get through life as an adult. In our New Life Recovery Ministry, James began to understand the reasons behind his addiction. He learned how to heal from the past and ...pdxmission2010-11-29T12:35:51620 views00:03:22
  • Kristen - Portland Rescue MissionKristen - Portland Rescue Mission
    Kristen lost her childhood. Drugs, alcohol and a nomadic lifestyle on the road with her parents left her isolated and troubled. By age 14, she tried to kill herself. Today, Kristen is giving her baby daughter a gift Kristen never had -- a stable, ...pdxmission2010-11-26T15:20:43502 views00:03:19
  • UnSeenUnSeen
    Short film created by Portland Rescue Mission. Hundreds of men, women and children suffer from homelessness. They feel alone. Cast aside. Unseen. A cup of coffee. A kind word. A hot meal. Simple things that mean so much to a person who is lonely a...pdxmission2010-11-25T22:40:441,055 views00:09:35
  • Jason - Portland Rescue MissionJason - Portland Rescue Mission
    When life pressures drove down on Jason, he lost himself in alcohol addiction and nearly destroyed his family. Thanks to friends like you, Jason has a new relationship with his wife and daughters.pdxmission2010-11-25T10:25:46449 views00:03:19