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  • RaNdOm....I dont knowRaNdOm....I dont know
    I dont know!!! T.T I got boredlocologo2010-10-28T16:30:40721 views00:03:11
  • Must of Have Done Something RightMust of Have Done Something Right
    Alrighty! its not my best vid but whatever! :D enjoy! song is by Relient Klocologo2010-10-02T02:22:19528 views00:03:17
  • Kh-DonnaKh-Donna
    Donna!!! hahaha I luv this songlocologo2010-10-02T02:22:06567 views00:02:19
  • LoserzLoserz
    Hello friends! So this is basiclly how I used to feel....a loser. Enjoy! and no mean comments plzzlocologo2010-10-02T02:21:28594 views00:03:03
  • Romeo X Juliet - Love StoryRomeo X Juliet - Love Story
    Hey guys. I made this vid for all the RomeoXJuliet fans and I like the song. Yeah its Love Story by Taylor Swift. Enjoy and no mean comments plzlocologo2010-10-02T02:20:551,051 views00:03:55
  • KH/FF- Breathe Into MeKH/FF- Breathe Into Me
    Hey there. The song is Breathe Into Me by RED. Enjoy and no mean comments plzlocologo2010-10-02T02:20:04707 views00:03:34
  • Makes Me HappyMakes Me Happy
    YAAAYYY!!! XDlocologo2010-10-02T02:20:03712 views00:02:07
  • Me singing spongebob theme song XDMe singing spongebob theme song XD
    OK! EmIlY ask me to do this. I did this cuz she's awesome. anywaaayyysss...enjoy and if you cant hear me that good, im sorry my microphone was acting up...this is the best I could do...:)locologo2010-10-02T02:19:39933 views00:01:27
  • Definitely MaybeDefinitely Maybe
    Ok, so if this isnt better than my last one then i'm sorry. I wasnt finished and my computer shut down and there isnt a picture at the very end. Again, im sorry. but plz commment!!locologo2010-10-02T02:19:39818 views00:02:52
  • CandlesCandles
    Alright guys. So this is my first anime pic vid thing. The song is called Candles and its by Hey Monday...I know theres more girl pics then guys but its kinda hard to find pics of anime guys. No mean comments plzlocologo2010-10-02T02:18:57742 views00:02:54
  • Kh-The ChaseKh-The Chase
    My vid of the chase by manafest. Enjoy :3locologo2010-10-02T02:18:48972 views00:03:05
  • Lemonade!Lemonade!
    Ok, sooo me and my brother and my cousins decided to make a random vid that has no point...enjoylocologo2010-10-02T02:13:40873 views00:03:57
  • Kh-MissingKh-Missing
    Missing by Flyleaflocologo2010-10-02T01:57:571,347 views00:02:57
  • Kh-The Next Big ThingKh-The Next Big Thing
    OK! this is my vid of The NEXT BIG THING by FM STATIC! enjoy! comment! plzlocologo2010-10-02T01:52:151,477 views00:03:36
  • Kh-Live Life LoudKh-Live Life Loud
    hheyyy!! this is my vid of LIVE LIFE LOUD by HAWK NELSON!! yeah comment plz MUHAHAHAHAHA!locologo2010-10-02T01:49:251,125 views00:02:57
  • Kh-Wish You Well (Roxas Tribute)Kh-Wish You Well (Roxas Tribute)
    SO i was bored. so i decided to listen to some music...TFK!! oh yeah! anywayz i was listening to thissong and then it hit me, BOOM! i can make a vid out of this! So i threw this vid together really quick cuz its an awesome song and i wanted to sha...locologo2010-10-02T01:48:101,643 views00:03:53