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  • A Former Teenager Will Rule The WorldA Former Teenager Will Rule The World
    Will he wear his crown sideways? It's doubtful. In the very last chapter of The Book (we win, by the way), the final throne is set up for the TWO beings who will forever rule the new heavens and the new earth. One is a former teenager.

    justtruthit2014-08-22T12:28:50701 views00:09:50
  • #FridayMorningWeekly October 10th 2014 Online #FridayMorningWeekly October 10th 2014 Online
    #FridayMorningWeekly is meant to inform new AND regular members of our community. It can also be used to introduce your friends and family to the ministry. Our unique personalities and presentation is not for everyone, but our hope is to bless you...justtruthit2014-10-13T05:09:59307 views00:06:03