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  • Jeremy SloaneJeremy Sloane
    New Award Winning Christian Christmas Song:

    Music and Lyrics by Ron Roy

    "A trucker finds the true meaning of Christmas while stuck in a blizzard in the Rockies with a waitress and ...
    jesussmilesonus2015-12-15T19:31:4045 views00:04:03
    NEW SONG - A Fun, Upbeat and Catchy Country / Blue Grass / Americana Christian Song about a Hard Livin' "Country Boy" who gets his Born Again Spiritual Awakening in a Very Unusual "In Your Face" Way!
    Music & Lyrics by Ron Roy
    jesussmilesonus2015-01-13T19:09:09204 views00:03:26
  • Face of Jesus Praying in the CloudsFace of Jesus Praying in the Clouds
    Video of the story surrounding the capturing of a photo with the face of Jesus praying in the clouds by professional producer/director/photographer Ron Roy. Roy has over three decades experience shooting nature photography and is the creator of th...jesussmilesonus2012-07-24T15:44:111,450 views00:03:39
  • The Reason For The Season - The First NoelThe Reason For The Season - The First Noel
    A beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountain snowstorm is set to the music of The First Noel ... with a Smiling Jesus reminding us of the real "Reason For The Season".jesussmilesonus2011-12-24T14:19:16423 views00:03:01
  • Jingle Bells ChickenJingle Bells Chicken
    The Hollywood Chicken sings Jingle Bells in his "Tinsel Town" recording session debut!jesussmilesonus2011-11-27T23:09:57467 views00:02:01
  • Amazing Grace - Jesus Smiles On UsAmazing Grace - Jesus Smiles On Us
    The beauty of the Colorado Rockies in autumn set to a new instrumental version of Amazing Grace (Moodtapes)... with the face of Jesus smiling on us. A nice way to take a quick break from daily stress and remind us what life is really about.jesussmilesonus2011-11-27T22:34:531,596 views00:00:54