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  • The Safety SystemThe Safety System
    The crew takes a break in the woods and shows you some safety tips too! No one was harmed during the making.

    (don't try this at ... anywhere)

    STARRING: Nathan and Benjamin.
    holyketchup2010-10-02T02:05:34610 views00:03:35
  • Snow In The SouthSnow In The South
    Woah! It snowed last night?! HERE?! Woah... We'd better get going before it melts! It really lasted a few days and we had a lot more fun than we showed. Oh, I also left out that the electricity was off for the whole snow experience. But here's a s...holyketchup2010-10-02T02:05:34656 views00:03:26
  • Halloween TreatsHalloween Treats
    We made this for church.

    Faced with the option of going trick-or-treating with his friend or going to church with his parents, a boy stands his ground against peer pressure and does the right thing.

    And sorry for the jumpy lighting....
    holyketchup2010-10-02T02:05:34792 views00:04:32
  • Slow Fade Music Video (Lego-Mation Version)Slow Fade Music Video (Lego-Mation Version)
    Created for LifeSongs 89.1FM with animated legos.

    (We won a golden pineapple award!)

    We do not claim to own this song or rights.

    By Casting Crowns

    From The Altar and the Door album
    holyketchup2010-10-02T02:05:34837 views00:05:16