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  • Jesus it's for youJesus it's for you
    A song to acknowledge Jesus for being there when I need him most.hatnic2010-10-02T01:20:231,264 views00:02:28
  • Think About ItThink About It
    Think about how tricky the devil can be, what a deciever he is. He will have you doing things you would not normally do. THINK before you respond to that still, small, wicked voice in your ear.hatnic2010-10-02T00:53:451,813 views00:02:53
  • Hattie's Duet to GodHattie's Duet to God
    God created the sun to warm us and to shine down upon us. Live thru God while you can.hatnic2010-10-02T00:53:451,513 views00:04:41
  • God's MedleyGod's Medley
    God wanted me to speak to anyone through song who will listen, so I made a short medley for all to see and hear of the Glory of God and just how good he makes me feel.hatnic2010-10-02T00:49:381,180 views00:07:21
  • Come Back HomeCome Back Home
    Just me and my music and words of wisdom from God, asking for his children to come back home.hatnic2010-10-02T00:49:381,170 views00:06:12
  • CompleteComplete
    The song is about how so many people depend on another person to love them. When really all they have to do is call on the name of Jesus and he will not only love you but he will supply all of your needs.hatnic2010-10-02T00:47:091,707 views00:03:26
  • God's chosenGod's chosen
    Just me singing praise to the Lord, I am but a humble servant spreading the gospel through songhatnic2010-10-02T00:47:071,602 views00:03:47