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  • Y o u A l o n eY o u     A l o n e
    Original song inspiried by the book of Jeremiah.God is such a good God , He he deserves our praise & worship at all times .I believe if this country focused on putting God 1st in OUR lives .Instead of secular magazines that focus on really on ...garyvincelli2010-10-02T01:05:201,599 views00:02:52
  • God will make a way outa no wayGod will make a way outa no way
    original song / inspired by a great lady of God "Dottie Peoples" Her song says God, "DO IT!garyvincelli2010-10-02T01:05:201,431 views00:02:12
  • Hes so much GodHes so much God
    original song inspired by one of the greatest preachers who ever lived ,PASTOR EV HILL ..GOD IS.... HES SO MUCH GODgaryvincelli2010-10-02T01:05:201,510 views00:02:14
  • Love ForeverLove Forever
    Original song/ just spreading The Love of God around the world which endreths Forever.God Bless you all on Tangle.I still like God Tube dont you? I have a sight on you tube .either way its all for the glory of our God .Amen!garyvincelli2010-10-02T01:05:201,599 views00:01:32
  • You will be doneYou will be done
    Original song from the book of zechariah ,nor by might ,nor by spirit ,Gods will be done .So done be afraid for I will help you for I amm the Lord of Hosts ..God Blessall on God Tube..OOPS ! (Tangle )garyvincelli2010-10-02T01:05:201,572 views00:02:40
  • "You Alone""You Alone"
    This is mostly from the book of Jeremiahgaryvincelli2010-10-02T00:54:031,628 views00:02:43
  • "You shall be saved""You shall be saved"
    Original, John Hagee said : Its just this close to his (Jesus)coming!garyvincelli2010-10-02T00:52:221,175 views00:01:56
  • Everything is youEverything is you
    originalgaryvincelli2010-10-02T00:48:261,190 views00:01:32
  • "Mission of Love""Mission of Love"
    Original , This is a song The Holy Sprit put in my heart of how important our time on Earth is and without Love we are nothing,without God ,we are nothing for God is Pure Lovegaryvincelli2010-10-02T00:48:201,186 views00:01:23
  • Sing To The Lord ( Praise Him)Sing To The Lord ( Praise Him)
    A Psalm of Worship & Praisegaryvincelli2010-10-02T00:48:201,158 views00:03:11
  • We lift you upWe lift you up
    originalgaryvincelli2010-10-02T00:48:181,228 views00:01:47
  • Love one another as yourselfLove one another as yourself
    Original - Growing up as a teenager I was a huge Neil Young Fan... I sort of picked up a little of his style, after reading the news one night , about bombs and killing , The lord just gave me this song,garyvincelli2010-10-02T00:48:181,174 views00:01:51
  • You are MagnificentYou are Magnificent
    Original- My calling is before my lifegaryvincelli2010-10-02T00:48:181,136 views00:02:02
  • I give you my HeartI give you my Heart
    Original - My Calling is before my Lifegaryvincelli2010-10-02T00:48:181,020 views00:01:31
  • Everlasting FatherEverlasting Father
    Original -- Praise be to God, My calling comes before my Lifegaryvincelli2010-10-02T00:48:181,746 views00:01:19
  • walk around heaven -Gary Vincelli from NJwalk around heaven  -Gary Vincelli from NJ
    Playing my guitargaryvincelli2010-10-02T00:17:341,763 views00:03:31