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  • The Aliens of Tokyo Mew Mew-Alien YouthThe Aliens of Tokyo Mew Mew-Alien Youth
    lookit people! REAL ANIME!!! *applause* well i made this one for cheddar-chan's amv contest, and i worked really hard on it. it took me forever to finish, so if tangle screws with my perfect timing, i will LOSE MY MIND. *meaningful glance at tangl...gameplan12010-10-02T01:18:381,781 views00:04:55
  • Locke: Beauty From PainLocke: Beauty From Pain
    yet ANOTHER sad vid. lol this one is 2 a webcomic i luv called Gameplan! the vid is about a boy named Locke and how he has to learn to trust God and stuff. plz comrascribe, k? thnx!gameplan12010-10-02T00:31:564,244 views00:05:30
  • KatieKatie
    nuff said. PS i own absolutely NUFIN.gameplan12010-10-02T00:06:202,763 views00:01:15
  • Terra-Concrete AngelTerra-Concrete Angel
    Another sad vid. (im on a roll here) plz comrascribe!!! ^^gameplan12010-10-02T00:03:562,896 views00:04:15
    Its finally finished! i worked on this one a long time, and im really happy with the way that it turned out! plz comment, rate, and if ya want to, subscribe! ....u know, i should make up a new word for that so i wont have to type all that...hmm......gameplan12010-10-01T23:41:263,794 views00:05:03
  • Speed Racer-BoominSpeed Racer-Boomin
    My Daddy's birthday present from me! He loves Speed Racer and used to watch it when he was a kid so i surprised him with this! plz watch it, comment rate, and if you really feel like it, you might as well subscribe!gameplan12010-10-01T23:26:033,132 views00:03:26
  • TimmyTimmy
    it is very funny!!!!!!!!!!gameplan12010-10-01T23:23:413,781 views00:00:56
  • Rogue-You DecideRogue-You Decide
    ah, we all knew this was coming. yup. only a matter of time till i make a rogue tribute. i really like how this one came out and i hope u all will to! plz comment, rate, and if u really feel like it, subscribe! thnx for watching!gameplan12010-10-01T23:18:1030,923 views00:03:31
  • The X-Girls Are Barlow Girls!The X-Girls Are Barlow Girls!
    eh, im not sure how i feel about this one. i think its kinda funny and was either the hardest or the easiest vid i ever made. am i making any sense here at all? owell, u know the drill, comment, rate....subscribe. yadadadada......o yeah and thnx f...gameplan12010-10-01T23:18:0918,107 views00:03:31
  • CSM-I Dare You to MoveCSM-I Dare You to Move
    a music video that i made and choreographed myself! it gets a little bit sloppy near the end due to lack of footage, but I still like it! plz comment, rate, and if ya want to, subscribe!gameplan12010-10-01T23:15:172,588 views00:04:21
    Snowball wants to go outside and insists that we neglect him....plz comment rate, and if u like my vids, subscribe!gameplan12010-10-01T23:12:453,026 views00:01:02
    i super funny vid i made! it has a parody of high school musical in it....PLZ COMMENT AND RATE!!!!

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    gameplan12010-10-01T23:10:133,082 views00:05:17
    o cant you just FEEL the brain cells dying?????

    PS like my vids? subscribe!
    gameplan12010-10-01T23:09:423,977 views00:02:15
  • Kurtty-GoneKurtty-Gone
    A supercute vid! The song is Gone by Tobymac and it is put to my very favorite animated couple.....Kurt and Kitty!!!!...weeeeeell, they're not really a couple, BUT THEY'RE CUTE TOGETHER SO THERE! PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE OH PLEEEEEEEASE PS like...gameplan12010-10-01T23:03:0931,884 views00:03:55
  • The Batman-Already OverThe Batman-Already Over
    hey if you liked my first vid, you'll LUV this one for sure! PLZ COMMENT AND RATE!!! THNX FOR WATCHING!!! PS like my vids? subscribe!gameplan12010-10-01T22:55:035,589 views00:04:19
  • Robin-How to Save a Life amvRobin-How to Save a Life amv
    Well, here's my first amv. I don't exactly know how to download clips, so i had to...*ahem* film the tv, and half the time it looks like i'm doin jumping jacks with the camera....ya, its pretty bad, and it looked so much better on windows media pl...gameplan12010-10-01T22:50:565,092 views00:04:30