2 Samuel 22:1 The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior;
my God is my rock, in whom I find protection (vv.2-3).

Rhythm and blues artist Rihanna sang of the power
of friendship to pull us through cloudy weather in
her hit song Umbrella. “Now that it’s raining more
than ever,” she sings, “Know that we’ll still have each
other; You can stand under my umbrella.” An umbrella
is a memorable metaphor for our need to help each
other, but it also indicates how little we can actually do
for our friends.

An umbrella is flimsy—perfect for a summer shower
but useless in a driving rain or stiff wind. I’ll gladly hold
the umbrella for the loved ones in my life, but there will
be days when they’ll need so much more. When we
stagger against the pounding surf of betrayal, cancer,
and foreclosure, we don’t need a mere umbrella. We
need a rock.

David wrote a song when he was rescued from the
stormy pursuit of Saul. And though David’s chorus lacked
the catchy Caribbean rhythms of Rihanna, his content
was even more inspiring. He said he was drowning in
the sea of despair: “The waves of death overwhelmed
me; floods of destruction swept over me.” So “I called on
the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and He saved me from
my enemies” (2 Samuel 22:4-5).

Rihanna’s song makes an excellent point, but it also
illustrates the poverty of those who don’t know Jesus. She
sings, “I’ll be here forever. Said I’ll always be your friend.

. . . So go on, let the rain pour, I’ll be all you need and more.” Sure, Rihanna
means well, but she’s promising her friend more than she can deliver. The fact is
that she won’t be here forever. She can’t be “all you need.” No one can.
Thank God for the umbrellas in your life. Take them as His signs for what you
really need—a rock, a fortress, and a Savior.

—Mike Wittmer


Savor the promises of Psalms 46:1. How can this psalm help you to
survive—and thrive—in a crisis?

Who needs you to be their umbrella? Consider how you might also lead
them to the Rock.