Lamentations 3:22
The Lord is good to those who depend on Him,
to those who search for Him (v.25).

Recently, archaeologist Eilat Mazar found
fortifications that were built in Jerusalem some
3,000 years ago. She believes that they were
constructed by Solomon, as described in the Old
Testament. Her unearthed evidence strongly rebuts what
secular scholars believe: “that David’s [and Solomon’s]
monarchy was largely mythical and that there was
no strong government to speak of in that era.” Eilat’s
passionate digging and searching made for one
amazing find!

In Lamentations 3, the author (believed to be the
prophet Jeremiah) wrote of the importance of searching
after something more important than ancient ruins. He
wrote, “The Lord is good to . . . those who search for
Him” (v.25). What’s so striking about this verse—and all
of chapter 3—is that it’s an oasis of hope within a book
of the Bible known for its misery and lament. Why did
the prophet have hope? Because of God’s “faithful love”
and the fact that “His mercies never cease” (v.22).

Keep in mind that Jeremiah had witnessed the heartwrenching
destruction of the city of Jerusalem. God’s
people had been defeated, and many of them had been
exiled to Babylon. Death and devastation followed them.
Even in that dark moment, Jeremiah chose to earnestly
seek God and His compassionate heart (v.32). He wrote,
“The Lord is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in Him!” (v.24). Hope. He still
had it, even though everything else was gone—painfully torn from him and his
people. Jeremiah chose to wait in silence before His faithful God (vv.23,28). The
prophet and his people had been disciplined by the Lord for their rebellion against
Him, but Jeremiah knew they wouldn’t be “abandoned by [Him] forever” (v.31).
If you’re lacking hope today, search for God. His love and compassion will
never fail you. —Tom Felten

Read Deuteronomy
28:45 to learn why
God allowed His people
to be defeated by the
Babylonians. Verses 36
and 37 predicted exactly
what took place later.

What happens when we
choose not to seek God
while we’re experiencing
heartache and misery?
What happens when we
do search for Him?


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