How Could She?

2 Kings 4:1
Now sell the olive oil and pay your debts, and you and your sons can
live on what is left over (v.7).

My little Ugandan neighbors, Joshua (age 10),
Mirika (age 8), Ashaba (age 7), and Katseme
(age 4), have had a difficult life. One day the
police showed up at their small house and—in front of
the children—tore off their father’s shirt and shoes, beat
him, bound him, and dragged him off to jail. He was
released a few days later, but returned home just long
enough to announce that he had found a new wife and
that he was going to live with her. The children’s mother,
angry that she was left alone with four children and a
newborn baby to care for, fled as well, taking only the
baby with her.

In a world where many women exhibit tenacious love
for their children, such as the widow in 2 Kings 2:1, it’s
hard to imagine how a mother could refuse to love and
care for the beautiful children she’s been blessed with.
But, sadly, many parents around the world show no
remorse in rendering their children “abandoned far from
help; they are crushed in court with no one to defend
them” (Job 5:4).

Fortunately, thanks to the assistance of friends, I’ve been
able to feed Joshua, Mirika, Ashaba, and Katseme two
meals a day for several months now. My friends have also
enabled me to buy clothes for the little ones and to pay for
their primary school education. Though the challenge to
find a long-term solution for these four children remains,
their needs have been met to date by God’s provision (2 Kings 2:7).
I encourage you to consider how you can invest in the lives of needy children.
Ask God to lead you to a specific child or organization that could use your help.
Then watch the amazing ways God will pour forth His blessing to enrich others’

—Roxanne Robbins

How is a person who neglects his or her
children like the foolish woman in Proverbs 14:1?

What changes occur within the hearts and minds of needy children
when we extend God’s provision? What changes transpire within our hearts
and minds?

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