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  • The Bad News: Hell and DamnationThe Bad News: Hell and Damnation
    One cannot truly appreciate the good news without first understanding the bad news. This video provides the word of God regarding hell and condemnation for all who reject the good news about Jesus Christ. A print version is found here danielkeeran2011-03-26T20:32:27349 views00:07:19
  • Seeing GodSeeing God
    Sometimes people either deny God's existence altogether or go to the opposite extreme by inventing delusional fantasies about seeing God. The answer is to stay grounded in what the word of faith says to us about seeing and experiencing God.danielkeeran2010-10-02T01:21:401,374 views00:09:55
  • Effective Counseling SkillsEffective Counseling Skills
    This video is from the text "Effective Counseling Skills: the practical wording of therapeutic statements and processes." The text is useful for christian counselors wanting to learn a wide range of specific counseling skills addressing ...danielkeeran2010-10-02T01:17:391,539 views00:09:56
  • Absurdities of AtheismAbsurdities of Atheism
    This video addresses various absurdities derived from an atheist worldview. Atheism is the fastest growing philosophy in the US and Europe recently led by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and others who oppose the idea of Intelligent Design ...danielkeeran2010-10-02T00:59:031,433 views00:08:27
  • Christian TerrorismChristian Terrorism
    Jesus said troubling disturbing things that modern Christians must rationalize to avoid the TERROR. To see the print version click here https://www.createspace.com/3399698danielkeeran2008-03-17T00:00:003,244 views00:04:35
  • Atheism and Intelligent DesignAtheism and Intelligent Design
    Some thoughts on Intelliegent Design for our consideration.danielkeeran2008-03-17T00:00:002,839 views00:01:43