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  • Baptize my heart Misty EdwardsBaptize my heart Misty Edwards
    There are words that can describe in a manner the hungry for a change and for His holiness Misty Edwards deep worship longing christian music videos inspirationalcarlitosg2010-10-01T23:23:134,525 views00:09:55
  • Garden - Misty EdwardsGarden  - Misty Edwards
    moments of pray and thanksgiving Garden Music for pray Misty Edwards christian music videos inspirational worshipcarlitosg2010-10-01T23:23:1310,925 views00:08:34
  • Finally I Surrender Misty EdwardsFinally I Surrender Misty Edwards
    for those who really know the brokeness and cost of those words Misty Edwards deep worship christian music videos inspirational prayercarlitosg2010-10-01T23:23:135,159 views00:07:27
  • Bless the Lord - Leonard JonesBless the Lord - Leonard Jones
    deep worship and beatiful dance Worship Leonard Jones morning star ministries christian music videos inspirationalcarlitosg2010-10-01T23:22:005,198 views00:07:41
  • like You Promised - Amber Brookslike You Promised - Amber Brooks
    an amazing song for pray and worship Amber Brooks worship morning star ministries music videos christiancarlitosg2010-10-01T23:22:005,696 views00:04:25
  • He is alive - Suzy Wills YaraeiHe is alive - Suzy Wills Yaraei
    she takes you to His presence with her passion for Jesus suzy wills He is alive christian worship morning star music video inspirational Christiancarlitosg2010-10-01T23:21:594,082 views00:09:29
  • Deeper - Stephen RoachDeeper - Stephen Roach
    great worship, drums and intensity stephen roach morning star worship music videos praisecarlitosg2010-10-01T23:21:073,880 views00:09:02
  • Open Wide Suzy WillsOpen Wide Suzy Wills
    worship God from the deps of your being suzy wills yaraei christian worship morning starcarlitosg2010-10-01T23:21:073,463 views00:02:47