Voices of Lee


'God Help Us' Voices Of Lee Choir And Babbie Mason - Christian Music Videos

Check out this wonderful video of Voices of Lee and Babbie Mason singing ‘God Help Us.’ “Lord we need a word from you (God help us all, God help us) If you don’t speak what will we do (God help us all, God help us) Mothers are crying, down on their knees cause their children are dying out in the streets Oh, Lord, please, God help us, how many bridges will we burn (God help us all, God help us) Before we reach the point of no return (God help us all, God help us) We’ve failed to love when that’s what it takes, and Your love is our only hope for change” What an encouraging song and video! The members of Voices of Lee are singing on a stage around Babbie Mason as she sings and plays the piano. “If you missed it, here is our newest music video!” writes Voices of Lee on their Facebook page. “We paired up with Babbie Mason for this song we believe will bless you during these difficult times!” All of them have such lovely voices, and this is such a great and uplifting song! What a great reminder that God is always there to see us through, and we just need to humble our hearts and pray and seek Him. “God help us in these troubling times! Let us be a unique and spiritual filled group that overcomes the hatred and ugliness that is so abundant. And let us be a light in the darkness so that others see You through us,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video. We hope that you enjoyed this video and it was able to leave you feeling encouraged. Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.