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'Reason' Unspoken Official Music Video - Christian Music Videos

Christian rock band, Unspoken, release the official video the title track off of their latest album, ‘Reason.’ Lead singer Chad Mattson spoke about the album and the song that inspired it all. “Every song on the album speaks to some different kind of emotion or struggle we’ve been going through, but every one has the idea that God’s love is the reason—it’s the reason we have everything needed, it’s the reason we can love ourselves, it’s the reason we can forgive, the reason we’ve made it this far, the reason we can look in the mirror and be confident, to know we’re gonna be all right.” The lyrics of ‘Reason’ remind us all that God has a plan. “This year's felt like four seasons of winter And you'd give anything you think to feel the sun Always reaching always climbing Always second guessing the timing But God has a plan a purpose in this You are His child so don't you forget” Chad continued to speak on the single saying, “In the hard times, I’ve sometimes wondered ‘When is God gonna show up?’ But the truth is we’ve already been given the victory. That’s more than enough reason to believe, to persevere, to trust…This album is about sharing with people that you have a Reason.” “He put that hunger in your heart He put that fire in your soul His love is the reason To keep on believing When you feel like giving up When you feel like giving in His love is the reason To keep on believing” God is the reason for our being and this song is the perfect reminder that always keep believing.