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‘God Help Me’ Unspoken Music - Christian Music Videos

Whether due to physical ailments, financial hardships or mental health difficulties, there are many situations when people need help. Life can become overwhelming, leaving people feeling like there is simply no hope in sight. But there is One who can and still does turn everything around! Unspoken’s song “God Help Me” is about this hope and lifeline available in times of crisis. 

The song's first verse accurately paints a picture of someone at the end of their rope, with nowhere else to turn. The songwriter mentions someone with tears pouring down their face, unable to see the end of a struggle. All hope is lost. 

The beautifully written chorus is from the perspective of a hurt and broken individual down on their knees as they call out to God for help. They seek refuge from life’s many storms and call out to the Lord for assistance. 

“God help me now, feels like there’s no way out
But Jesus, You’re faithful and able
And You’ve never once let me down”

In the song’s second verse, this hurt individual continues their plea for help and solace from God. The lyrics state that Christ has the power to heal all things, to ease all pain and to heal deep wounds. 

Essentially, the song is a prayer for anyone seeking help for whatever situation they may be facing. It’s a perfect reminder that there is an ever-loving and always-faithful God who does hear our cries for help. 

Several people commented on the song and mentioned how the song blessed and helped them with a situation they were going through.

“He just helped me now, through your song. Thank you. And thank you father, you always know just what I need just when I need it,” one person wrote. 

“This was a much needed song…so much going on. I’m grateful for music being an on time. God continue to bless their music,” someone else posted. 

Hebrews 4:16 “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”