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‘Criminals and Kings’ Stellar Kart Official Music Video - Christian Music Videos

Check out the music video for “Criminals and Kings” by Stellar Kart.

One catchy tune from a group of talented musicians is about how God has called His people to live for more, for a higher calling.

The world is full of fallen, sinful people. God’s Word says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. However, thanks to Christ’s act of love of dying on the cross, humanity can be redeemed and brought back to him, turning away from a life of sin and shame. 

In the lyrics to the song “Criminals and Kings” by Stellar Kart, the musicians sing about how people are lost and in need of God. The song also mentions how God has called people for a higher purpose and how most are living below what God has intended for their life.

As the song mentions, God is the only way to escape a life of sin and shame. He has paid the price, fulfilled our debt and is looking to provide a life free from guilt, sin and shame. However, we must first humble ourselves, approach His throne and ask for forgiveness.

“Brought back from the deep
You are my only freedom
From the bottom of my lungs”

As well-written and insightful as the song's lyrics are, the track's video also tells a compelling story. The video mainly focuses its attention on three people: a little girl, a disheveled homeless man living on the street and a young man wearing a suit. 

The three appear on their own, existing without knowing one another. However, at one point, the characters in the video do interact with one another, two of them, anyway. 

The viewer's assumptions and expectations of those characters are proven totally wrong due to the ingenious way the video is shot and edited. 

1 Corinthians 7:17 “But as God has distributed to every man, as the Lord has called every one, so let him walk. As so ordain I in all churches.”