Rebecca St James


'Kingdom Come' Rebecca St. James Featuring For King And Country - Christian Music Videos

Listen to this beautiful song by Rebecca St. James called ‘Kingdom Come’ that features the singers from For King And Country. “Your hands are healing, Your heart is hope, Your word is freedom for all of the world You are redemption, You are our help, we need You with us, so let Your kingdom come And Your will be done on earth as is in heaven, let Your kingdom come, and Your will be done From now until forever, we'll keep on singing, oh, let it start with us, oh, Your kingdom come” What an incredible song, and all of the singers sound so great together! And it’s no wonder because they are all siblings! Rebecca St. James is the sister of Joel and Luke Smallbone, who formed the band For King And Country. They are all originally from Australia but moved with their family to the United States when they were teens. In the song ‘Kingdom Come,’ the lyrics paint a picture of hope and healing. And the music video shows inspiring scenes of baptisms and revivals all around the world. “In a world needing encouragement and hope, we pray that this music video is a blessing to you and yours!” writes Rebecca St. James in the caption of this video. “These visuals of worldwide revival, Jesus being worshiped, and family unity have brought me to tears. Our world is in need of revival, we need God’s kingdom to come and it begins with you and I seeking Him passionately. Let it start with us!” Rebecca also shares in an interview about her inspiration behind the song. “When Joel, Luke and I were writing this song we were inspired by the Lords’ prayer and the need for revival right now,” she says. “I believe that there’s a desperation that is foundational to every true move of the Spirit. And our world is desperate right now! Great revivalists have said if you want to see revival, draw a circle on the floor, step into it and pray for revival to begin there.” ‘Kingdom Come’ is the lead single from Rebecca St. James’s new album, and we hope that the song was able to encourage you today!