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Let the Road Pave Itself

Let the Road Pave Itself

Apr 2009

Album Tracks

  • Chasing the Daylight
  • Home
  • Don't Be Deceived
  • Why
  • All I Want
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Running So Long
  • Erase and Rewind
  • Before the Sun Goes Down
  • Deeper Side of You
  • Black and Blue
  • Mountains High Valleys Low

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Artist Bio

As one half of the brother-sister duo LaRue, Phillip LaRue spent the early 2000s playing a mixture of alternative rock and contemporary Christian pop. Following his sister's marriage and the band's subsequent split, Phillip relocated to Florida to work as a producer. He then returned to Nashville, where LaRue had set up its headquarters years before, and launched a solo career. The songwriter's debut effort, Let the Road Pave Itself, arrived in 2009, sporting a similar brand of rock-influenced CCM as his former band.

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