Peter Hollens


48 Vocal Tracks Combine For A Cappella 'Silent Night' - Christian Music Videos

'Silent Night' is one of the most iconic Christmas hymns of all time. These beautiful lyrics are simple but powerful. Today, a cappella sensation Peter Hollens is teaming up with Mario Jose for a very special rendition of this classic song. There's no doubt that these two can sing but hearing them perform this special holiday tune was absolutely amazing. I just love how both of their voices blend together to produce this awe-worthy sound. All together, these 2 men used 48 different vocal tracks to create this amazing rendition. There's nothing like hearing a good old-fashioned hymn and it's even better when it's a Christmas song. This hymn is the perfect reminder that Jesus is the real reason for the season and because of Him, we are all saved. Can I get an amen?