Need To Breathe


'Brother' - NEEDTOBREATHE Acoustic Performance - Christian Music Videos

NEEDTOBREATHE stuns with this acoustic rendition of their hit song ‘Brother.’ This live performance was filmed during the acoustic leg of the 2017 ALL THE FEELS TOUR. It truly showcases the talent and vocal range of this incredible band. ‘Brother let me be your shelter Never leave you all alone I can be the one you call When you’re low Brother let me be your fortress When the night winds are driving on Be the one to light the way Bring you home’ NEEDTOBREATHE is a South Carolina band with a unique mix of gospel, soul, and rock music. Their music serves as an encouragement to others while sharing lyrics and meaning that come from personal experience. ‘I ain’t made for a rivalry, I could never take the world alone I know that in my weakness I am stronger It’s your love that brings me home’ This powerful song was inspired by the real life relationship between brothers, and band mates, Bear and Bo Rinehart. Our siblings are such an important part of our lives. Like our Father in Heaven, they provide us comfort when we are down and love at all times. We should cherish these special people placed in our lives and remember to treat this relationship with tenderness and care. What a beautiful song from such a talented band. This is definitely a performance that you do not want to miss from NEEDTOBREATHE. Matthew 12:50 “For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”