Meredith Andrews


'A Million Saints' Meredith Andrews Live Performance - Christian Music Videos

Contemporary Christian artist Meredith Andrews shares a live performance of her single, ‘A Million Saints.’ Meredith is a Dove-award winning singer and songwriter who has contributed to hits such as ‘Spirit Of The Living God’ and ‘Open Up The Heavens.’ Her latest song is another beautiful worship track that reminds us how mighty our Lord and Savior truly is. “Fall down with a million saints Lift up my hands and say You're holy, holy Join in with the ancient song Heaven and earth respond You're holy, holy” ‘A Million Saints’ started with fellow Christian artist Phil Wickham. He started to write this powerful song for his album but was never able to finish. When Meredith’s record label sent her the song, she immediately wrote the rest of the lyrics. When speaking about the story behind the single, Meredith said, ""A Million Saints" is a picture of heaven to me, with all of us joining in and singing, 'God, You're holy.' It's not just about me or my community. It's about the church of the world, all nations and all generations singing the same thing, lifting up one name. At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The song is an invitation for the saints on earth to join in with the saints in heaven, to sing "holy, holy."” Our God is more powerful than we can even imagine. When we put our trust in Him, we are truly opening ourselves up to a better life. Let these words be your call to God that we praise Him in all that we do.