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Josh Groban Pulls 14-Year-Old On Stage For Shocking Opera Duet - Inspirational Videos

Most can only dream of sharing the stage with their favorite musician, but for one young woman that dream became a reality.

In a video posted to YouTube, Josh Groban, during a concert in Green Bay, Wisconsin brought one fan on stage to sing with him. The clip starts with Josh reading from a piece of paper in his hand, calling out the woman’s name and seat number. 

After discovering that 14-year-old Anastasia is right in the front row, the “You Raise Me Up” continues reading from the paper. In the note, the young woman admits that she loves opera and would like to sing a duet with him. 

The singer then leaves the stage and walks on down, greeting her at her seat. After confirming that the woman would, in fact, like to sing with him, Josh takes her by the hand to a stage in the center of the arena. 

The teenager mentions that she would like to sing one of Josh’s hit songs, “To Where You Are.” Seconds later, Anastasia is singing a duet with the one and only Josh Groban!

She kicks off the song and sounds amazing! 

Near the 3:15-minute mark of the clip, Anastasia turns things up a notch. She shows off her impressive range, hitting high notes that soon has the entire audience cheering and clapping!

At the conclusion of her performance, the audience lets the young woman know how much they appreciated her. Everyone is again applauding. Even Josh was left thoroughly impressed by the teenager.

“Very surprising and spectacular,” he said. “You’re gonna get high fives all night, Anastasia.” 

What a special occasion for that teenager! Josh, with kindness and taking a little time, gave that young woman a moment that she will not forget for the rest of her life! 

Galatians 6:10 “So then, as we have the chance, let us do good to all men, and especially to those who are of the family of faith.”