John Schlitt


The Making Of Back To The Street - 1986 - Christian Music Videos

Join John Schlitt as he gives a behind-the-scenes look during a recording session for "Back to the Street," the first Petra album featuring John Schlitt as lead vocalist.

This 30-minute home video was filmed at Pakaderm Studio in Long Beach, CA, in 1986. See the actual studio recording with John Elefante, John Lawry and Mark Kelly laying down backing vocals, Dino Elefante giving direction, Bob Hartman hanging out on the couch... and John Lawry snoozing!

Follow John Schlitt as he shows you around the studio and the apartment where Petra stayed while recording -- guess which Petra members do and do not make their beds every morning!

It's an up close & personal FUN look at a day in the studio with John Schlitt, Petra & the Elefantes!

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