Jeff Allen


Comedian Jeff Allen On Why Teenagers Are God's Revenge - Comedy Videos

Christian comedian Jeff Allen hilariously explains why he thinks God gave us children as His own revenge. If you are a parent, you know that it can be difficult to raise a child. Over the years, there are so many challenges, especially when they are teenagers. Once a child reaches those teenage years, everything starts to change. There seems to be more attitude, more opposition and more sleepless nights. That’s exactly what Jeff Allen is speaking on with his standup routine. Jeff has been on the comedy scene since 1978. At one time, he was an atheist who turned to drugs and alcohol for his release. But in 1997, he gave his life over to Christ and everything changed. Now, Jeff is known for his unique sense of humor and clean, Christian comedy. He started off this routine by saying “I think one day the good Lord was looking down on His creation and said let’s see how they like it to create someone of their own image who denies their existence.” After this statement, the whole crowd erupted into laughter. Then, he starts to describe the vocabulary that our teenagers have and I was nodding my head in agreement the entire time. Every point he made was so true and it seems like the audience felt the same way too. It isn’t easy raising a teenager and there will be a lot of frustration along with way. But thankfully, we can look back on those times and laugh about them now.