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Christmas Dad Jokes That Are So Cheesy They Hurt - Comedy Videos

As the holidays approach, it’s time to get ready for all of the dad jokes we’re about to hear. When we gather with family and friends, it is inevitable that men in our lives will say those one-liners that they think are absolutely hilarious but we have to roll our eye to. Usually, you can count on these jokes being repeated over and over again. In your teenage years, this can be especially embarrassing because the dad jokes tend to come out more when new people are around. Christmas is another perfect time for dads to break out those ‘classic’ lines. There is always an audience and there’s plenty of opportunity to get completely cheesy. The funny guys at I Am Spartacus decided to put some of the best Christmas dad jokes to the test and you can’t help but laugh out loud. There’s the classic “What did Mrs. Claus say to Santa when she looked up in the sky? ‘It looks like reindeer.’” Or how about “What do snowmen do on the weekends? ‘Just chill.’” These hilarious puns go on for over six minutes as each guy tries to get the other to break out into laughter. I think I did most of the laughing during this video. Feel free to share this with the dads in your life. But just be warned, they may pick up a few pointers and you might be hearing some of these at your Christmas party this year. Do you have any classic dad jokes from your family?