Hillsong United


Here's To The One' Hillsong United Acoustic Performance - Christian Music Videos

Hillsong United recently released a video of their acoustic performance of their song ‘Here’s To The One.’ The song is from their newest album, People. The melody is upbeat and the lyrics are full of beautiful truth, and it’s definitely one of those songs that you could listen to over and over again! “Here’s to the One who made my heart to sing Opened up my eyes washed away my sin Here’s to the One who gave His life for mine Broke all my chains and set me free alright To the Way To the Truth To the life I live in the light You give Jesus here’s to Your Name over everything” The simple black and white music video with the straightforward guitar chords does a good job at not taking away from the beauty of the song. ‘Here’s To The One’ has an uplifting sound, and the harmonies are great that are heard throughout. There is a fun energy that comes with this song, and the upbeat chorus just makes you want to sing out the lyrics. The music is taken down a bit for the bridge before being built back up to finish out the song in a powerful way. “Here’s to Your kindness Here’s to Your goodness Here’s to Your freedom Here’s to the day I see You Jesus” ‘Here’s To The One’ was written by Aodhan King, Benjamin Hastings, Dylan Thomas, Joel Houston, and Matt Crocker. The verses that were used for inspiration were Philippians 4:4, Psalm 32:11, and Psalm 145:7. These verses tell us to rejoice in the Lord, celebrate His abundant goodness, and joyfully sing of His righteousness. The song ‘Here’s To The One’ is a great reminder to do all that and is a wonderful song to help us praise His holy name!