Daves Highway


3 Siblings Perform Inspiring Rendition Of 'I'll Be There' - Christian Artists

The talented siblings of Daves Highway perform a beautiful cover of ‘I’ll Be There’ by The Jackson 5. This classic song was originally released in 1970 by the iconic group. It was an instant hit and became the most successful single for the band ever. Over the years, ‘I’ll Be There’ has spurned countless covers. Notable artist include Mariah Carey and Andy Williams. The touching lyrics truly transcend time and remain true today. “You and I must make a pact We must bring salvation back, Where there is love, I'll be there I'll reach out my hand to you I'll have faith in all you do Just call my name and I'll be there” Today, Daves Highway is putting their own spin on this beloved tuen. Delaney, Zach, and Erika are the three siblings behind Daves Highway. Hailing from from Brandon, Mississippi, the siblings can play multiple instruments and are self-taught. And now, more than ever, the world desperately needs music and the message of hope. “Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter, Togetherness, well it's all I'm after, Just call my name, and I'll be there (I'll be there)” As many people remain at home due to COVID-19, it can cause feelings of loneliness and fear. But it’s so important to remember that God is always by your side. He is in control and He is there for you, no matter what. During these troubling times, we turn to Him for our source of strength, truth and peace.