Dan Bremnes


'Up Again' Dan Bremnes Official Music Video - Christian Music Videos

Christian artist Dan Bremnes reminds us of the strength of the Lord with his single, ‘Up Again.’ These words let us know that even when we feel down, God is there to lift us back up. “Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win You gotta get up, up again Keep holding on, it's not the end You gotta get up, up again You can get up, up again You can get up, up again” Over the past decade, Dan Bremnes has given us worship anthems such as ‘Where I Go’ and ‘Beautiful.’ But this latest single is one of the most personal songs for the artist. When speaking about the story behind the song, Dan told The Christian Beat, "I lost my mom a few years ago in a car accident. And I remember sitting in the writing room and just started writing a letter of what I would tell my mom...And in the song, there is a callback of what she would probably say to me: 'Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. You can get up again.'" “Yeah, you've only got one life Don't let it get away Everyone falls down But you can get up, up again” When we lean on God, He will lighten our burdens and carry the weight on His shoulders. God will always provide us with the strength and comfort that we need to walk through life. ‘Up Again’ is the perfect anthem to remind us of the many glories of our God in Heaven.